Odometer Lock: Basic Device Types and Their Stop

Often, car owners claim that it is easy and simple to block the run. But is it really? In modern cars, information about the mileage is recorded in the odometer memory and the electronic drives of various devices. Simply adjusting the mileage on one data spot may not be sufficient. Therefore, you might need an odometer blocker — the device, which helps to block mileage run in numerous places simultaneously. It is quick and easy — everything that a vehicle owner needs!

Classification of speedometers

Before blocking the mileage, it is crucial to differentiate odometers. Modern odometers are classified into the following types:

Features of twisting electronic odometers

Blocking mechanical devices, as a rule, does not cause any particular difficulties and does not require special knowledge. Nevertheless, adjusting the readings of electronic devices has its subtleties. First of all, this is because information about the vehicle's mileage is stored not only in the processor's memory but is also duplicated in the electronic control units of various systems (ignition lock, automatic transmission, immobilizer, etc.).

To calibrate the speedometers, you need to purchase a high-quality filter that will help stop the mileage record. Twisting speedometers is done by connecting such a device behind the dashboard. After installation, which does not require much time and effort, you can start to operate the stop device using the buttons on the steering wheel.

Working with different systems

Even vehicles of different brands from the same manufacturer may have other electronics systems. Every car enthusiast knows this, not just a mileage adjustment master. It seems easier to work with mechanical odometers: the whole procedure is reduced to mechanical twisting of the indicators with the help of improvised means. You need to properly dismantle the device and then professionally install it in place when working. However, when blocking the mileage on the electronic odometer with the help of the unique stop-filter, you don't even have to dismantle your dashboard! You can just install the tool behind it and calibrate the mileage with the help of two buttons.

This odometer correction tool ensures the receipt of data from metering devices and an electronic processor, precisely identifying those data that need to be deleted. The readings are replaced, the control system is cleared, and the data on the device is adjusted according to the information on the central processor.