02 апреля, 2005

Нет реальности

Павлина особенно сильно зажигает в последние дни. Он опустился на какой-то очень глубокий метафизический уровень. И при этом, это не тупой бред без смысла, который некоторые "изучают" на каких-то там семинарах. Это вообще невозможно понять и изучить - это либо есть в тебе, либо нет. Если это есть - то ты это понимаешь. Если нет - то ты только можешь сделать вид что понимаешь, и прятаться за нагромождением никому не нужных слов. Об этом вообще сложно говорить, об этом можно только молчать.

Без контекста вряд ли что можно понять. Я просто скопировал сюда заключительные аккорды. Читающий это вряд ли поймет - я это сделал для себя.

В этих словах такая сила и глубина - я находился в состоянии просветления когда дочитал до этого момента.

You don't have to re-create the same reality you lived in yesterday. I know you think you do, but you don't. You have more power than you think you do. The problem is that you're directing your thoughts and beliefs in such a way that you're using your power for the purpose of self-limitation. You believe your thoughts are based on a reality which is independent of your thinking, but that too is a belief, one which you have the option of discarding.

The first step is to begin to recognize the feedback loop between what happens in your mind and what happens "out there." If you are a pessimist and your life seems to be full of pain, consider for a moment that instead of external events creating your pain, it's just the opposite - your pain is creating painful events. Your belief that "life is tough" creates toughness in your reality. You project your own potential joy to a point far outside yourself instead of inviting it into your daily existence. You see this as your reaction to events outside your control, unaware that you have within you the power to choose something different.

What if your thoughts are indeed creating your reality? Can you not explain everything that has already happened to you through this paradigm? Does your job make you stressed, or does your stress make your job? Does your relationship make you happy, or does your happiness make your relationship? Does this blog entry you're reading make you think about these concepts, or was there something already within your conciousness that made this text appear in your reality as the manifestation of your own thoughts?

You don't need a reason to believe in something which doesn't yet exist in your reality. Your thoughts can do more than just reflect your reality - they can participate actively in its creation. Belief is an act of measurement only to the degree you think it to be so. But by your conscious choice, it can also become an act of creation and manifestation.

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