18 октября, 2005

Olympus C-70

Лучшая компактная 7-мегапиксельная камера 2005 года:

уже дома. Лучшая компактная 2-мегапиксельная камера 2001 года Canon Digital IXUS 330 отправляется на пенсию.

Вот что пишет о ней обозреватель (Dave) одного из самых уважаемый сайтов в Интернет по цифровой фотографии. Только на Imaging Resource ( используют фирменный тест Imatest (tm) - я такого фундаментального подхода к тестированию цвета и разрешения нигде больше не видел.

Об Imatest. Analysis program for quantitative, thoroughly objective analysis of digicam test images. I highly commend it to our technically-oriented readers, as it's far and away the best, most comprehensive analysis program I've found to date. And with an introductory price of only $59, it's hard to beat.

О C-70. Excellent color - pleasing and natural, proper saturation. Good to excellent white balance performance. The C-70 Zoom did an excellent job with color, producing pleasing, natural results with good saturation. Colors were accurate and fairly well saturated. The blue flowers, which are often so problematic for digicams, came out almost exactly right, with just a hint more purple than in real life.

Color saturation was overall more accurate than that of most cameras I test, with reds held more in check than they usually are, and most other colors almost dead-on. As noted though, there was some hue shift in cyans, and the bright yellow swatch was a little undersaturated. Overall, a very nice job.

The Olympus C-70 doesn't oversaturate its colors as much as most consumer/prosumer cameras I test. This has led some reviewers to mark it down for more dull-looking color, but its color is in fact more accurate than most cameras on the market. Being accurate doesn't do you any good though, if what everyone wants is bright, snappy-looking color.

Fortunately, the C-70's color saturation control lets you tweak the color up exactly the amount you want. The saturation control has nice, fine adjustment steps that cover a broad range. If you want the C-70's color to look more like that of other cameras on the market, try just leaving the saturation control boosted one or two notches. On average, color saturation of swatches on the MacBeth ColorChecker(tm) chart are 102.9% of their ideal values. (An average oversaturation of 2.9%.)

For the real techno-geeks, the two plots below show the actual edge response of the C-70, for horizontal and vertical edge. What's interesting in these plots is how restrained the C-70's default sharpening is, and how little it disturbs the underlying image detail. There's really no over-sharpening at all. This has led some to mark its images off for being soft, but here again, the camera's image-adjustment controls work very well.

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