07 апреля, 2008

Ничего нового

Куда я пропал и как поживаю? Собственно ничего нового. Видно только пальмы, небо, океан. Последние две недели ничего нового не наблюдается. Иногда тянет спасти человечество или изменить мир, но как это сделать пока не знаю - так что пока все по-старому.

Да, я знаю точно, что если возьмусь за эту задачу - тотально изменить мир - у меня получится. Может быть, я уже это делаю - амплитудой и частотой вибраций.

Gamma goblins

A gamma wave is a pattern of brain waves, associated with perception and consciousness. Gamma waves are produced when masses of neurons emit electrical signals at the rate of around 40 times a second (40 hertz or Hz), but can often be between 26 and upwards of 70 Hz. By one definition, gamma waves are manifest at 24 Hz and higher, though researchers have recognized that higher level cognitive activities occur when lower frequency gamma waves suddenly double into the 40 Hz range. Research has shown gamma waves are continuously present during low voltage fast neocortical activity (LVFA), which occurs during the process of awakening and during active rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Gamma waves are involved in higher mental activity. Transient periods of synchronized firing over the gamma waveband, of entire banks of neurons from different parts of the brain, have been proposed as a mechanism for bringing a distributed matrix of cognitive processes together to generate a coherent, concerted cognitive act, such as perception. For example, it has been suggested that gamma waves are associated with solving the binding problem. Recent studies have shown that recognition of new insights occur when patterns jump from 20 to 40 Hz.

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