15 октября, 2006

Главная вещь (The one thing)

Ты беспокоишься о стольких многих вещах, но только одна вещь имеет значение...

In the Gospel story of Mary and Martha, Jesus says to Martha, "You are anxious and troubled about many things, but only one thing is important." (Luke 10:41)

И я держу ее в руках. Эту The New One Thing. Она мне не нужна, потому что у меня уже есть The One Thing, и к ней нечего больше добавить, а от меня нечего больше отнять. Но мне нравится держать ее в руках.

Мне нравится чувствовать руками ее бархатистую обложку тепло-оранжевого цвета. Мне нравится нащупывать пальцами золотую надпись - A New Earth - на ней, а чуть ниже - ощущать рельефное изображение крошечного цветка.

Я открываю ее и провожу пальцами по бумаге. Мне нравится ощущать эту шероховатость и неровность обрезки листов. На первых страницах я вижу оглавление:

  1. The Flowering of Human Consciousness (Chapter One)
    • Evocation
    • The Purpose of This Book
    • Our Inherited Dysfunction
    • The Arising New Consciousness
    • Spirituality and Religion
    • The Urgency of Transformation
    • A New Heaven and a New Earth
  2. Ego: The Current State of Humanity (Chapter Two)
    • The Illusory Self
    • The Voice in the Head
    • Content and Structure of the Ego
    • Identification with Things
    • The Lost Ring
    • The Illusion of Ownership
    • Wanting: The Need for More
    • Identification with the Body
    • Feeling the Inner Body
    • Forgetfulness of Being
    • From Descartes's Error to Sartre's Insight
    • The Peace That Passes All Understanding
  3. The Core of Ego (Chapter Three)
    • Complaining and Resentment
    • Reactivity and Grievances
    • Being Right, Making Wrong
    • In Defense of an Illusion
    • Truth: Relative or Absolute?
    • The Ego Is Not Personal
    • War Is a Mind-set
    • Do You Want Peace or Drama?
    • Beyond Ego: Your True Identity
    • All Structures Are Unstable
    • The Ego's Need to Feel Superior
    • Ego and Fame
  4. Role-playing: The Many Faces of the Ego (Chapter Four)
    • Villain, Victim, Lover
    • Letting Go of Self-Definitions
    • Pre-established Roles
    • Temporary Roles
    • The Monk with Sweaty Palms
    • Happiness as a Role Vs. True Happiness
    • Parenthood: Role or Function?
    • Conscious Suffering
    • Conscious Parenting
    • Recognizing Your Child
    • Giving Up Role-playing
    • The Pathological Ego
    • The Background Unhappiness
    • The Secret of Happiness
    • Pathological Forms of Ego
    • Work - With and Without Ego
    • The Ego in Illness
    • The Collective Ego
    • Incontrovertible Proof of Immortality
  5. The Pain-Body (Chapter Five)
    • The Birth of Emotion
    • Emotions and the Ego
    • The Duck with a Human Mind
    • Carrying the Past
    • Individual and Collective
    • How the Pain-Body Renews Itself
    • How the Pain-Body Feeds on Your Thoughts
    • How the Pain-Body Feeds on Drama
    • Dense Pain-Bodies
    • Entertainment, the Media, and the Pain-Body
    • The Collective Female Pain-Body
    • National and Racial Pain-Bodies
  6. Breaking Free (Chapter Six)
    • Presence
    • The Return of the Pain-Body
    • The Pain-Body in Children
    • Unhappiness
    • Breaking Identification with the Pain-Body
    • "Triggers"
    • The Pain-Body as an Awakener
    • Breaking Free of the Pain-Body
  7. Finding Who You Truly Are (Chapter Seven)
    • Who You Think You Are
    • Abundance
    • Knowing Yourself and Knowing About Yourself
    • Chaos and Higher Order
    • Good and Bad
    • Not Minding What Happens
    • Is That So?
    • The Ego and the Present Moment
    • The Paradox of Time
    • Eliminating Time
    • The Dreamer and the Dream
    • Going Beyond Limitation
    • The Joy of Being
    • Allowing the Diminishment of the Ego
    • As Without, So Within
  8. The Discovery of Inner Space (Chapter Eight)
    • Object Consciousness and Space Consciousness
    • Falling Below and Rising Above Thought
    • Television
    • Recognizing Inner Space
    • Can You Hear the Mountain Stream?
    • Right Action
    • Perceiving Without Naming
    • Who Is the Experiencer?
    • The Breath
    • Addictions
    • Inner Body Awareness
    • Inner and Outer Space
    • Noticing the Gaps
    • Lose Yourself to Find Yourself Stillness
  9. Your Inner Purpose (Chapter Nine)
    • Awakening
    • A Dialogue on Inner Purpose
  10. A New Earth (Chapter Ten)
    • A Brief History of Your Life
    • Awakening and the Return Movement
    • Awakening and the Outgoing Movement
    • Consciousness
    • Awakened Doing
    • The Three Modalities of Awakened Doing
    • Acceptance
    • Enjoyment
    • Enthusiasm
    • The Frequency-holders
    • The New Earth Is No Utopia
  11. Notes
  12. About the Author

Скользнув взглядом по буквам, рассмотрев в последний раз бугорки бумаги, проведя пальцами между листами, медленно, не торопясь, я закрываю книгу.

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